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Multi-Site Solutions

Annex Fiber multi-site solution is the future of connectivity.


Do you own or manage multiple buildings intra state or even multi state?

Are your buildings linked the conventional way, with different ISPs supplying internet to each location at various prices?

Are you sick of having to deal with numerous departments to receive answers to straight forward inquiries and unfair agreements?

If you answered yes to one or all these questions, then partnering with Annex Fiber and utilizing our multi-site solutions is here to change the way you do business.  

Our multi-site solutions will connect all of your buildings using our fiber backbone. There will be routes to multiple Tier-1 Data centers, providing you with extensive options & great diversity. 

To enable you to set up your own headend and distribute your private direct internet connection with a variety of cross connect possibilities, at any moment, we can provide numerous fiber paths to any site.

Monthly team calls can be scheduled to make sure you have the most recent technology, are happy with your services, and have the opportunity to voice any questions or concerns you may have.


One bill.

One department. 

One solution.

Multiple sites.

Annex Fiber Multi-Site Solutions, 

the next level of connectivity.



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